The scope of the Gauja National Park tourism cluster “Enter Gauja” is tourism. It is the most competitive tourism destination in Latvia outside the capital with a high-quality and specialized tourism offer in a precisely segmented foreign and local market throughout the year, which is focused on demanded recreation and activities in nature and historical culture, purposefully developed for balanced tourism development.

By developing the Gauja National Park as a tourist destination and inviting to extend the experienced sensations and the presence of nature and enjoy the goods produced in the Gauja National Park, we have become as a bridge between the Gauja National Park producers and the tourist / buyer. Enter Gauja represents producers in the Gauja National Park who are able to create high-quality, unique and Latvian products that radiate love for nature, creating and turning nature’s talents into a unique product. Enter Gauja online store offers a wide range of goods, offering both products and services.

The material was created within the Cluster Program project “Stage 2 of Gauja National Park Tourism Cluster Development”.



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